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Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms A professional public service committed to excellence

Circulars 2014

Circular Letter No 26 of 2014 - 2014 Master Program in Public Policy for Senior Officials in Developing Countries

Circular Letter No 16 of 2014 - Implementation of PRB Reports(Training and Staff Development) and Implementation of the Learning Management System (LMS)

Annex 1: Implentation of PRB Reports-Training and Development

Circular Letter No 15 of 2014- Training on Eco Driving Skills

Circular Letter No 22 of 2014- Performance Management System(PMS) Monitoring

Annex1: PMS Monitoring Questionnaire 1 of 2014

Circular Letter No 17 of 2014- Human Resource Management Information System Project: Data Migration Phase

Circular Letter No 7 of 2014 - Committee on Representations arising out of the Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Committee(EOAC) Report 2013


Circular Letter No12 of 2014- 2014 CAPAM Internatonal Innovations Awards 

Circular Letter No10 of 2014- Implementation of Errors, Omissions and Anomalies Committee 2013 Report

Annex  : Option Form

Circular Letter No 9 of 2014 - Public Service Excellence Award (PSEA)2013
Circular Letter No 8 of 2014- Commonwealth Secretariat -Vacancy
Circular Letter No 7 of 2014- Commonwealth Secretariat -Vacancy

Circular Letter No 6 of 2014 - Training at L'ecole Internationale d'administration (ENA)- Cycles Internationaux 2014-2015

Annex1: Dossier de Candidature aux Cycles Internationaux 2014 de L'ENA et des IRA

Circular Letter No 5 of 2014 - Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

 Circular Letter No 4 of 2014 - Improvement of Counter/Customer Services Scheme:Invitation to submit Project for Financial Year 2014

Annex1: Project Proposal Form- Financial Year 2014

Circular Letter No 3 of 2014- Implementation of the Human Resource Management Information System Project
Circular Note No 2 of 2014 - UN Careers:Vacancies
Circular Letter No.1 of 2014 - UNESCO Vacancy